Welcome to the website
of the Association of Workers of Children and Youth Centres in the Czech Republic (SP DDM)

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Leisure Time Centres – Houses for Children and Youth

  • SP DDM is an independent non-political professional organization, which

  • supports the development of Leisure Time Centres and Houses for Children and Youth

  • defends the professional interests of workers and volunteers

  • supports professional publishing

  • seeks to enhance the social prestige

  • contributes to interaction and mutual cooperation

  • helps to coordinate their activities

  • influences the conception of the state policy and legislation in the field of children and youth

  • participates in the education system for its workers

    Our specifics are

    • professionalism in non-formal education
    • safe environment, trained teachers and quality guarantee programs

    What we offer

    • leisure time education, personal development and acquiring competencies for a successful life
    • game as an educational tool, learning by fun
    • extracurricular activities, courses, public events and holiday camps
    • open clubs, self-realization possibilities and talent development
    • school competitions, involvement of young people in the civic society

    For whom we are here

    • children
    • youth
    • parents
    • pedagogues
    • volunteers

    Where you find us

    • we create a well-co-uniform network in the Czech Republic
    • we work in 298 cities and towns, some of the Centres exist for more than 50 years

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